Founded in 2008, and Situated at 8,750 feet in the San Juan mountain range of southwestern Colorado, TELLURIDEFUEL® is a performance training center that caters to athletes as well as general fitness enthusiasts. While we strive for our clientele to achieve their full potential, we encourage all ability levels in a welcoming atmosphere. 

Created by Becca Tudor, with the goals of forging a new path and offering a full immersive fitness experience, Telluride Fuel has provided group fitness, personal training, and the highest quality equipment for our members since our inception.  

  • Becca Tudor

    "Always striving to forge a new path. Following no one," is my motto. I know it's not always going to be easy, but I believe that there is a lot to learn and much to gain from jumping and trusting, that with every jump, you are given wings. And if not as big as you desire, you try again. Call it what you will, I call it faith.

    I'm not saying my way is right. Everyone needs to be true to their own convictions. I'm confident in one thing, that I'm living THE LIFE.

    I want nothing to define me but the passion that burns within me.

    I want to live a life that requires very little words or explanation- I want my actions to tell a story.

  • Meaghan Nee

    NASM Certified Personal Trainer

    I fell in love with fitness and the gym community a few years back while studying in college.

    Fitness has become my own form of therapy, stress relief, and dedication to my body and mind.

    I always feel my best after a good workout, and it’s easily my favorite part of the day. My goal as a trainer and group fitness instructor is to motivate and inspire others to find the joy and strength exercise can provide. I hope to help clients step out of their comfort zone and try new things, all while having fun.

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